Stand Tall and Keep Moving

As I write this, I’m waiting for a committee to decide about my proposal.

In my years in publishing, I’ve been here many times — on both ends of the process.

If you’re new to writing, get used to the idea of waiting and having others assess your work. It comes with the territory.

But it … Continue reading

Mentor, Colleague, Student

You can be all three.

by Andy Scheer

I saw that principle applied this weekend at the Denver Jazz Club. The performances included not only a top local band and one from Denver University, but also the club’s group of all-star high schoolers.

The high schoolers get top-notch instruction, and they’re learning — and how! This time … Continue reading

Plan to Attend

A writers conference can give you a boost.

by Andy Scheer

When I edited a national magazine, I especially looked forward to the year’s first writers conference. It wasn’t just the lure of traveling to Florida from snowbound Chicago. I could not only acquire serious writers, but also to coach them in their craft. … Continue reading