A Task Too Big

Take it a little at a time.

If you’re daunted by writing your book, consider this old joke:

How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

Still, authorship means more than writing one word after another. You face multiple tasks. But broken into many small steps, any … Continue reading

Printed Books Make Scents

There’s something else to love about books on paper.

When you step into a new car, it’s easy to notice that “new car smell.” And if you’ve ridden in one from the 1960s or older, you’ve likely noticed an “old car smell.” But there’s also a distinctive aroma for printed books.

If you’re … Continue reading

Your Research Department

Readers expect you’ll get your facts straight.

Writing fiction? Unless it’s science fiction or fantasy, don’t think you can make up everything.

No mater how exotic your setting, readers expect you’ll not only set the scene with vivid details, but also that you’ll get those details right. When my wife recently read a … Continue reading