Does Your Novel Have a Hook?

Don’t detour readers from your story.IMG_7501 2to3

by Andy Scheer

The first sentence told me the novel was in trouble. The rest of the paragraph confirmed that. And the second paragraph was no better.

Fortunately, the author had sent me the genre novel for a critique. So I was able to show her where she had … Continue reading

10 Points to Rate Nonfiction

How well does your manuscript score?IMG_7175 2to3

by Andy Scheer

Awhile back, Jerry B. Jenkins asked if he could refer people in his writers guild to me for critiques. I agreed.

But last week when someone asked, I realized I was only half-prepared. While I had a time-tested grid to assess novels, I didn’t have one … Continue reading

Don’t Steal Others’ Words

There are limits to “fair use.”IMG_7468 adj 2to3

by Andy Scheer

Halfway through the manuscript, I’ve found three violations that could land author in big trouble. At the least they could prevent the book from getting published.

First this author quoted a full poem, mentioning only the author’s name. Sorry, but that’s not what’s … Continue reading