Mentor, Colleague, Student

You can be all three.

by Andy Scheer

I saw that principle applied this weekend at the Denver Jazz Club. The performances included not only a top local band and one from Denver University, but also the club’s group of all-star high schoolers.

The high schoolers get top-notch instruction, and they’re learning — and how! This time … Continue reading

Five Nonfiction Tests

Help your writing earn a passing grade.

by Andy Scheer

Would you like to write an award-winning article — or a chapter fit for an award-winning book? Here are the criteria for a national contest I’m judging.

1) Idea (timeliness, appeal)
Will readers skimming the publication stop and take a look? Does it promise to meet … Continue reading

Fun Lessons in Point of View

Some helps for mastering this fiction skill.

 by Andy Scheer

A new writer said she had trouble grasping the principles of point of view (POV).

“Just think of it,” I said, “as equaling which person’s senses through which you are experiencing a scene.” Continue reading