What Clients Say

Excellent work! I thought I had a spare style already, but I like what you have done to tighten it! I really appreciate your eye for clarity and simplicity. I agree with all your comments and I greatly appreciate your extraordinary attention to detail.” — M.M.

Thank you so much for the terrific job you did! I loved the way you smoothed the text so it sounded better. I liked the way you finessed the back cover, too. I’m so grateful I was able to have you as my editor.” — S.S.

Just read your changes to the prologue.  I think you are spot-on.  Glad to see you’ve got the right eye for correcting my clunkiness. Overwriting is certainly one of my literary vices, so please feel free to apply a chainsaw (rather than a scalpel) as you see fit.” — D.C.

I’m thrilled with what you’ve done. Thanks so much!” — D.M.

Thanks so much for taking on this project! I passed your edits on to the author and she was quite appreciative.” — C.T.

I really hope to be able to hire you for my next books. I will be happy to list you in our Christian indie group as a highly reputable editor who has edited for me.” — H.G

You are the best at what you do. Thank you for your diligence.  You are very appreciated.” — R.D.

Andy Scheer is my first choice go-to guy for any important editing assignment. After having worked with him for decades, I turn to him without hesitation, knowing I’ll get careful, elegant, pristine work done professionally and on time, every time.” — Jerry B. Jenkins, Bestselling author of the Left Behind series and more than 150 other titles. Owner, the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild, JerryJenkins.com

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