Give It Away?

Should You Ever Write for Free?

You want to write professionally, which means getting paid for what you write. So should you ever write for free?

I sure hope so.

Disclaimer: I’ve worked for a publication that paid writers well. I’ve worked for a company that paid a token amount for one-time rights for blog material.  … Continue reading

Force Yourself to Write

Do you impose your own deadlines?

This past Saturday, I planned to work eight hours for my client. My estimate fell short. Eight hours put my goal in sight, but not yet reached. So after dinner, I worked another hour or two until I finished those pages.

Because of that, Monday I was free to start … Continue reading

Get the Lead Out

Certain words are easy to get wrong.

Some people spell words incorrectly or type the wrong word because they don’t know any better. That’s understandable. English spelling is hard.

I wish I had that excuse. The words I most often get wrong are ones I know how to spell — and know the difference between them, … Continue reading