Nonfiction Critique Assessment Points

With my critique, I’ll offer comments and rate your manuscript in these key areas:1379662057_checklist

 1. Titles/Subtitles. Does the manuscript name attract attention, appeal to target readers, and suggest its scope and significance? Do chapter titles and subtitles inform and engage readers?

2. Distinctiveness/Targeting. Does the presentation stand out from others in the marketplace? Does the presentation target a clearly identified audience? Is the depth of the discussion appropriate for intended readers?

3. Opening. Does the first chapter immediately hook readers? Does this chapter set a consistent, engaging tone? Does the chapter establish the discussion’s scope and significance?

4. Approach. Does the style of presentation mesh with the audience, topic, promised benefits, and author qualifications? Is the approach engaging and memorable?

5. Scripture Use. Are Bible verses used consistently, appropriately, and in context? Is Scripture use integral to the presentation, not simply added on?

6. Examples. Does the author show rather than tell? Is the author personally transparent? Are the points illustrated with anecdotes and real-life vignettes?

7. Expectations. Does the content and its development deliver what’s promised by the title/subtitle, contents page, and opening chapter?

8. Author Qualifications. Does the author demonstrate sufficient experience with the topic to be considered highly knowledgeable? Does the writing show evidence of thorough research?

9. Writing Quality. Does the author engage readers with strong, tight writing? Are the tone and style consistent? Do sentence structures vary in pleasing ways? Did the author take care to choose the right words? Is there effective use of transitions and subtitles?

10. Mechanics. Does the author have a command of grammar, punctuation, and spelling? Is standard manuscript format used? Is the material presented professionally?

Before you send your full manuscript and your chapter-by-chapter outline, email to confirm I’ll be able to fit your critique into my editing schedule.

Format requirements: Manuscript and chapter outline should be sent by email attachment as .doc or .docx files. Name the files using this system:

Chapter Outline: Last Name  Project Title  Outline (e.g.: Jenkins Hedges Outline)
Manuscript: Last Name  Project Title  Ms (e.g.: Jenkins Hedges Ms)

Critique Fee: $105 (Payable by check at the time you send your manuscript and your chapter-by-chapter outline.)

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