The author is responsible to secure permission for use of copyrighted material beyond what is considered “fair use.”1379662057_checklist

Unless the material is in the public domain, the author must secure written permission from the publisher/copyright owner for:

  • any quotation longer than 300 words
  • quotations longer than one line from a song lyric or poem
  • use of photos, illustrations, charts, figures, or maps

Acknowledging Scripture references
Provide the name and copyright date of your primary Scripture version, plus all secondary Scripture versions.

In nonfiction citations of other Scripture versions, indicate the version in parenthesis after the verse reference: John 3:17 (NASB).

In Scripture citations, follow that version’s capitalization style.

In the editorial process, I will insert appropriate copyright references in the front matter for all Scripture versions cited in the manuscript.

People’s names
Unless referring to a public figure, I recommend the author secure written permission for actual people mentioned by name. Otherwise omit or change the name and generalize the details so the person would not recognize the reference.

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