How To Cite Bibles

Acknowledge each version, with the required wording.

Most Bible publishers freely offer permission to quote from their copyrighted translations. There’s no need to fill out formal requests or to pay a fee—if your use meets certain conditions and you give proper credit.

Publishers’ Limits
Most publishers set similar guidelines for how much of their translation … Continue reading

Ten Missing Pages

Have you included these in your book’s manuscript?

When authors send me a manuscript to edit, I often find they’ve forgotten several key pages. Writers concentrate so much on the body of their book, they can overlook these.

They don’t take much work to create. But without them, a manuscript’s not ready to … Continue reading

Spelling, Grammar, and Facebook

Before you post, check what you’ve written.

It’s only a social media post. But it carries your name, and you want to build credibility as an author.

Before public speakers step on stage, they check they don’t have broccoli in their teeth or TP stuck to their shoe. It’s hard enough to deliver … Continue reading