Identify Yourself

Don’t hide from editors who want to publish your work.

Imagine that a magazine or anthology editor wants to publish something you’ve written, but isn’t sure who you are, how to reach you, or where to send payment.

That really happens. “Once I had two authors with the same name,” says a compilation editor who works … Continue reading

Stand Tall and Keep Moving

As I write this, I’m waiting for a committee to decide about my proposal.

In my years in publishing, I’ve been here many times — on both ends of the process.

If you’re new to writing, get used to the idea of waiting and having others assess your work. It comes with the territory.

But it … Continue reading

Welcome to the Family

What can a new writer expect from a veteran?

Often, when newer writers come to a writing event, they’re fearful. They worry others will put them down, especially the pros.

Maybe a few established authors fear competition, but not the best ones. Instead, they offer advice, acceptance, and encouragement.

Mystery and adventure author Paul Keprecos, … Continue reading