Clients & Books Edited

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Some of the books Andy has edited

A professional editor since 1976, Andy began providing freelance book editing services in 2010. His clients have included:

Traditional publishers
Moody Publishers
fiction: Lone Star Trail; Captive Trail; Walk With Me
nonfiction: First-Time Dad; The Ring Makes All the Difference; How to Finish the Christian Life; Church Behind the Wire; Gospel Justice
Kregel (Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture)

Independent publishers
BelieversPress (nonfiction and fiction)
WinePress (fiction and nonfiction)

After the back-cover shoot for the Dirk Pitt adventure “Havana Storm,” by Clive Cusser (right) and Dirk Cussler (seated), Andy Scheer gets ready to go for a ride in the 4.5 litre “Blower” Bentley that makes a cameo appearance in the novel. Two years before, Andy edited the Dirk Pitt novel “Poseidon’s Arrow.”

Individual authors
Dirk Cussler (Poseidon’s Arrow, Havana Storm, and Odessa Sea)
Jerry B. Jenkins (The Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015-16)
Heather Day Gilbert (God’s Daughter and Miranda Warning)
DiAnn Mills (The Dance of Character and Plot)
Sammy Tippit (The Race: Run Like a Champion, Running Home)
C. McNair Wilson (Hatch! Brainstorming Secrets of a Theme Park Designer)
Wayne Valero (The Lost Art of Holding Hands; Collecting Cussler: An Ethical Approach)
Robert Hollis with Max J. Miller (How Is That Working?)
Rodney Coe (The Rise of the Prophet)
Bill Elliff (The Presence-Centered Church)


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