Force Yourself to Write

Do you impose your own deadlines?

This past Saturday, I planned to work eight hours for my client. My estimate fell short. Eight hours put my goal in sight, but not yet reached. So after dinner, I worked another hour or two until I finished those pages.

Because of that, Monday I was free to start … Continue reading

Has Your Time Arrived?

There’s good news for discouraged novelists.

When I worked as an agent, publishers kept repeating the same bad news for one client, who’d just written her first novel. While they liked her story and style, they turned down her book because it just didn’t fit their boxes.

Some said they did publish historicals, but only stories … Continue reading

Stand Tall and Keep Moving

As I write this, I’m waiting for a committee to decide about my proposal.

In my years in publishing, I’ve been here many times — on both ends of the process.

If you’re new to writing, get used to the idea of waiting and having others assess your work. It comes with the territory.

But it … Continue reading