Fast Format Fixes

These shortcuts will quickly put your manuscript into shape.

A recent social media discussion got some writers worried. They hadn’t known that to indent the start of each paragraph, they shouldn’t use the Tab key. Instead, editors expect them to format their document so each paragraph indents automatically.

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Must-Know Terms for Article Writers

Editors expect freelance writers to speak their language.

Especially if you’re new to the world of writing for magazines, newspapers, and websites, you’ll find these terms useful:

Takeaway. Editors want to know what benefit someone will receive by reading an article or nonfiction book. Use this as a key element when you ask if they’d be … Continue reading

Perilous Pairs

Will you — or your editor — know to pick the right word?

The sentence in a recently written Sherlock Holmes story stopped me cold.

“There were besides some more mundane elements: drafting tables laden with dusty blueprints, labels and vices and tools, chains for heavy lifting suspended from the ceiling.”

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