Styles Change

Do you worry about what you capitalize and hyphenate?

by Andy Scheer

For hardcore word nerds, there’s big news from Chicago. When they heard it at the recent meeting of the American Copy Editors Society, people cheered.

An editor with the Chicago Manual of Style said their seventeenth edition, to … Continue reading

Writing to Everyone?

Instead, target specific readers.

by Andy Scheer

Two words to avoid when you describe your book’s intended readership: all and everyone.

Yes, authors should radiate optimism. But claiming your book will appeal to everyone marks you as naive.

Consider just a few of the differences among potential readers:

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Details, Details, Details

They’re your key to 3-D writing.

by Andy Scheer

John Steinbeck applies the principle in the first paragraph of Travels With Charley, about his 1960 drive “in search of America,” with a pick-up camper and a standard poodle.

When I was very young and the urge to be someplace else was on me, I … Continue reading