Cleaning Up After Christmas

by Andy Scheer

Was your every expectation met?

I love Christmas cards — especially ones that show a picture-perfect Holy Family under an astronomically impossible star. Or ones with scrubbed shepherds and freshly groomed sheep.

The first Christmas came with amazing expectations—courtesy of ancient prophecy and angelic announcements.

But the reality was a bit gritty: someone “great with child” … Continue reading

Virtual Reality Devices

I bet you’ve been using them for years.

by Andy Scheer

This past month, network TV programs have been clogged with commercials for some high-tech electronic goggles.

They apparently convey sights and sounds to evoke a sense of being somewhere else — even someplace imaginary.

That’s nice. But it seems so limited. Only sights and sounds. No … Continue reading

Do You Use These Shortcuts?

They’ll save you time as you type.

by Andy Scheer

Fortunately, most word-processing programs contain multiple shortcuts that let you accomplish important tasks without your fingers ever leaving the keys.

I especially missed these features a few weeks ago, while using a page-layout program to typeset a 200-page book. Multiple times on each page … Continue reading