When You’ve Nothing to Say

by Andy ScheerIMG_8031 adj

There’s still plenty a writer can do.

by Andy Scheer

Some days, you don’t feel like writing or feel overwhelmed by the tasks. Maybe this is a better day not to try to write. A writer’s life brings many seasons and tasks.

Maybe it’s a day to straighten your office, vacuum the … Continue reading

Catching Flack

And other reasons you may need an editor.IMG_8031 adj

by Andy Scheer

“I hope I don’t catch flack from my wife,” the author wrote me, “for having to write on Mother’s Day.”

I understood what he meant, even if he didn’t type flak.

What’s the difference? The first means a publicity agent. The second, a burst … Continue reading

Does Your First Chapter Work?

If it doesn’t, all your effort is wasted.IMG_7508 adj 2to3

Getting ready to teach a nonfiction first-chapter boot camp at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference, I just had three opportunities to test what I plan to teach.

The past few days I’ve critiqued two nonfiction samples for a conference and one nonfiction book proposal. All three authors missed the point of what a first chapter ought … Continue reading