Finding Time to Write

This week gave me several bonus opportunities.

While this week was certainly busy, it also give me multiple opportunities—expected and unexpected—to work on my writing.

Wednesday morning I reported for jury duty. As I waited to hear if I’d be empaneled, I got to sit in a large room with several hundred others. … Continue reading

Halfway There Yet?

Can you point to progress you’re making?

by Andy Scheer

How are you coming on your work-in-progress? On your goals for the year?

With the weekend and the holiday, I just took three days off from my day job. Likely you did too. I hope the break did you good.

As we begin of the year’s second half, I find it a good time to review where I stand in key areas.

In some I’m … Continue reading

When You’ve Nothing to Say

by Andy ScheerIMG_8031 adj

There’s still plenty a writer can do.

by Andy Scheer

Some days, you don’t feel like writing or feel overwhelmed by the tasks. Maybe this is a better day not to try to write. A writer’s life brings many seasons and tasks.

Maybe it’s a day to straighten your office, vacuum the … Continue reading