Finding Time to Write

This week gave me several bonus opportunities.

While this week was certainly busy, it also give me multiple opportunities—expected and unexpected—to work on my writing.

Wednesday morning I reported for jury duty. As I waited to hear if I’d be empaneled, I got to sit in a large room with several hundred others. On entering the room I grabbed a seat on the side with a table to set my laptop.

If I’d planned better, I’d have brought earplugs or headphones. Still, the background noise helped me focus on the chapters I needed to edit. By the time we were excused at 11:10, I’d accomplished far more than I expected.

I missed one opportunity and took advantage of another.

Two days later, I missed one opportunity and took advantage of another. This morning when I visited my barber, I forgot to take even my half-size yellow legal pad. As I waited for three people to get their hair cut, I could have done some writing. Lesson learned.

Shortly after lunch, I got an oil change. This time I brought the novel I’m reading and a mini legal pad. As I waited, I got an idea for next week’s blog—and wrote it out, longhand. Then I got the idea for this one and scribbled the first two paragraphs. All that in just forty-five minutes.

If you look carefully this week, where will you find time to write?

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