Substantive Editing

???????????????????????$7.50 per page
typical turnaround: three weeks

Copy editing items, plus:

Check for overall clarity
Remove redundancies
In fiction, replace “telling” dialogue tags
As appropriate, change passive voice to active
Ensure material is logical and understandable
Perform minor rewriting
Reorganize paragraphs as needed for logical flow
Check for first references to footnotes, figures, and tables
Check headings for consistency
Check for proper sequence in lists
Check tables and figures
Check Bible quotes, verse references, and versions for consistency and accuracy
Correct Bible references and put them into standard style and format.

Perform all editing using tracked changes
Provide author with two versions of edited manuscript
—one showing all tracked changes
—one with all changes accepted

Before editing, review the manuscript’s first ten pages to confirm if substantive editing is the appropriate level of service. Andy Scheer reserves the right to decline to edit any manuscript.

Payment of one-third of the agreed amount is due on submission of the full manuscript; two-thirds is due on completion of editing.

Page count is calculated on the basis of 250 words per page of the unedited text.

To ask about engaging his services, email him at


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