Historic Colors and Flavors

Looking for authentic 1950s details?IMG_9177 adj

by Andy Scheer

As someone who lived through the 1950s and ’60s, if I were writing a novel set in that era I could be tempted to trust my memory. But recent visits to a few websites reminded me how much I’d forgotten.

Like the motels where … Continue reading

A Task for All Seasons

Will you grumble or be grateful?IMG_8031 adj

by Andy Scheer

This weekend we bought a 19-pound turkey and checked our ingredients for the big meal. Then we divided the tasks to prepare the house for visiting family. All so we can officially give thanks.

With the change of seasons, I find that day a useful reminder. … Continue reading

November as a First Draft

An instant novel needs more time.IMG_9177 adj

by Andy Scheer

Sometimes participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) makes sense.

Three years ago, as a senior in Taylor University’s Professional Writing program, Chandler Birch accepted the challenge to write a novel in a month. “Prior to that,” he says, “I had next to no experience … Continue reading