Historic Colors and Flavors

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by Andy Scheer

As someone who lived through the 1950s and ’60s, if I were writing a novel set in that era I could be tempted to trust my memory. But recent visits to a few websites reminded me how much I’d forgotten.

Like the motels where my dad stopped the family’s Rambler station wagon on our cross-country trips each summer to image001-cropColorado. This fall on my own vacation trip through the state, I’d forgotten how much expectations had changed. No longer will a family stop at a motel simply because it advertises “steam heat,” “in-room phones,” “TVs,” or “every modern convenience.”

A visit to The American Motel refreshed my memory, with its state-by-state listings gleaned from historic advertising and postcards. I especially appreciated the shots of room interiors and happy people around the heated pools.

Once your 1950s-era travelers arrive at Aunt Lorene and Uncle Larry’s house, what will they enjoy for supper? If Aunt Lorene is on a budget, perhaps she’ll serve her guests (after all, they are family) Frankfurter Macaroni Salad Loaf. You’ll find the recipe, and lots of options for Jello molds, at MidCenturyMenu.

image005-cropAs proof that truth’s far stranger than fiction, there’s even a 1961 recipe for “Jellied Tomato-Olive Mold” made from unflavored gelatin, bouillon, tomato juice, 7-Up, Worcestershire sauce, and sliced green olives. Talk about historic flavor.


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