Must You Write Tightly?

Don’t try this in your initial draft.

Forget tight writing and let your book’s first draft flow. Then practice tight editing. As Strunk & White advise in The Elements of Style, retain only those words that earn their keep. No freeloaders.

In the process you’ll find many candidates for deletion.

The Potato Chip Test

Do you keep tempting people to read one more page?

I hadn’t plan to listen to the music festival’s next band. It was about supper time, and I needed to catch a bite before the following group played.

My expectations for the Ellis Island Boys weren’t high, but I decided I’d hear their … Continue reading

Finding Time to Write

This week gave me several bonus opportunities.

While this week was certainly busy, it also give me multiple opportunities—expected and unexpected—to work on my writing.

Wednesday morning I reported for jury duty. As I waited to hear if I’d be empaneled, I got to sit in a large room with several hundred others. … Continue reading