Read Good Books

Fill your mind with effective examples.

The past two weeks I’ve been spending six hours a day editing someone’s novel.

The author’s a solid storyteller, but his mechanics are weak. So I’m taking pains to fix the punctuation on nearly every sentence. And the dialogue attribution. And much of the spelling. Plus some of the verb … Continue reading

Spelling, Grammar, and Facebook

Before you post, check what you’ve written.

It’s only a social media post. But it carries your name, and you want to build credibility as an author.

Before public speakers step on stage, they check they don’t have broccoli in their teeth or TP stuck to their shoe. It’s hard enough to deliver … Continue reading

Ask for Help

by Andy ScheerIMG_9177 adj

No one’s an expert at everything.

This past Saturday, while working on a home improvement project, I faced a choice: I could risk injury—or I could ask my wife’s help.

I needed to trim several inches from the end of an eight-foot board. My table saw was ready. But … Continue reading