Three Tasks for Scene Openings

Do your first lines make these essentials clear?

I thought I knew the way. But heading from the unfamiliar location, I took a wrong turn. What I saw didn’t align with what I’d assumed. My only recourse was to go back, check things more carefully, and start afresh.

I’ve experienced that not only … Continue reading

Stay in Your POV

Keep readers firmly inside your character’s head.

The novel’s opening chapter reminded me of the car commercial that promotes its lane-departure warning system. If the car drifts across the center line, it sounds a loud alert.

This prospective author could have used something similar for his novel’s point of view. Unknowingly, he kept … Continue reading

Fun Lessons in Point of View

Some helps for mastering this fiction skill.

 by Andy Scheer

A new writer said she had trouble grasping the principles of point of view (POV).

“Just think of it,” I said, “as equaling which person’s senses through which you are experiencing a scene.” Continue reading