Key Terms for Authors

Editors and agents expect you to speak their language.

If you aspire to publish a novel or nonfiction book, you’ll find these terms useful at writers conferences as you prepare to meet with agents and editors.

Elevator speech. A one-minute presentation to prompt an editor or agent to want to learn more about your proposed book. … Continue reading

Too Early to Edit

A first draft is great, but seldom good enough.

by Andy Scheer

The author’s eagerness shone through his email. He’d just finished a manuscript, a 40,000-word nonfiction piece. He’d written it to encourage and inspire others in his occupation.

In two months, he’d attend a writers conference. He hoped I’d edit his … Continue reading

Plan to Attend

A writers conference can give you a boost.

by Andy Scheer

When I edited a national magazine, I especially looked forward to the year’s first writers conference. It wasn’t just the lure of traveling to Florida from snowbound Chicago. I could not only acquire serious writers, but also to coach them in their craft. … Continue reading