Anti Social Media

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What’s the goal of your posts?

I recently blocked the Facebook posts of a well-known author.

Over a few years I’d bought and enjoyed several of this author’s books. And this past year, I become the author’s FB friend. But as the election season approached, the author’s posts became extreme and mean-spirited—painfully so.

While I blocked further posts, the ones I saw left a bad taste in my mouth for any of that author’s future books.

Maybe I’m confused about why an author should participate in social media. Perhaps I was tricked by the word social into thinking the purpose was to build community. While it’s fine to buy and read a book from a stranger, it’s even better with a book from a friend.

But so often, social is not what I see. I see blatant sales pitches. I see rants. And I see alienating messages toward people who disagree on key social issues.

If they block me, they’ll never hear my message.

Somehow, I have friends on both sides of many of these issues. Despite our differences, I try to treat them with respect. If they block me, they’ll never hear my message, let alone buy and recommend my work.

If your platform is that of a no-holds-barred advocate—or a hard-sell pitchman—disregard this advice. Otherwise, please check the purpose of what you post.

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