Adventures of a Binge Book Buyer

by Andy ScheerIMG_8031 adj

Have you ever stocked up on an author?

I didn’t expect to leave the store with a grocery sack full of books. When my wife and I visited the thrift store in Glenwood Springs, I hoped to find a book or two. (My wife may have hoped I’d find fewer.)

In the back corner I discovered a large book section, with overflowing boxes of hardcovers by favorite authors. And the price was right: a dollar for hardcovers and fifty cents for paperbacks. I bought five of each.

img_0978Other vacationers in the Colorado mountains may not make a point to shop the book section of thrift stores. But if they’re driving and have room in the trunk or backseat, why not?

Our final morning, we waited a few minutes for the thrift store in Gunnison, Colorado, to open. This time hardcovers were $1.50 and paperbacks 75 cents—still a bargain. When my wife checked on me, I’d collected four hardcovers and seven mass paperbacks by one author. (I love when whole collections go to a thrift store.)

Then things got better. She pointed to a sign above a tub of tote bags: “Fill a Bag With Books for $5.” All my books fit into one five-buck bag. With the money we saved, my wife bought a purse.

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