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Watch out for companies selling dubious services.Andy Scheer 2012
by Andy Scheer

Spam aimed at writers just keeps coming. The other morning I saw: “BECOME AN AWARD WINNING AUTHOR!”

Here’s the full pitch:

The Crafty Possum (name changed) Book Awards Contest is now open for early registration. Enter now and save up to 25%.

  • Digital e-book formats only
  • No publication date requirement
  • Five award levels
  • 75+ categories
  • Free book review with each primary category
  • Win prizes valued up to $5,000!

Use the following links for more information …

The meaning of “award-winning author” just slipped several notches. My sympathy to those who’ve earned genuine awards.

To enter that “contest” regularly costs $70 — but with the amazing discount, only $50.

To be eligible, a manuscript must be converted to an e-book format (a service Crafty Possum happens to offer for “…As Low As $299!”).

The “gold medal winner” in each category receives a passel of stuff tied to Crafty Possum’s services:

  • Eligible to win (my italics) 1 of 3 advanced e-book formatting and distribution packages from Crafty Sloth Media ($1,000 value)
  • Eligible to win 1 of 3 pro video book trailers from Crafty Slothio
  • Eligible to win 1 of 3 express author interviews on the Crafty Sloth Book Podcast on Blog Talk Radio
  • 6 months promotion in our featured book section
  • Online medal award ceremony
  • Gold digital medal for websites and e-book covers
  • Print-on-demand personalized certificate

Check your spam filters for details about prizes at the silver, bronze, wood, hay, and stubble levels.

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