Like A Book? Tell Somebody

Personal recommendations go a long way.2011 - Copy adj

by Andy Scheer

Technology offers great tools for book promotion, but they’ll never replace the basics.

Take the novel I just started enjoying. Somebody told me about it.

Recently I posted my resolution to broaden my reading. A friend emailed me about a particular series.

I found my public library had the first two books.

Turns out the first was printed back in 2003. The copy I checked out came from the fourth printing, so it must have sold well. Yet the author’s name was new to me. If someone hadn’t told me, it still would be.

If the rest of the book is good, I plan to tell some people about it. What a novel idea.

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With more than 30 years in publishing, Andy Scheer has provided freelance editorial services since 2010. He has edited fiction and nonfiction for publishers including Moody, WinePress, and BelieversPress, as well as for clients including Dirk Cussler, McNair Wilson, DiAnn Mills, Heather Day Gilbert, and Sammy Tippit.

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