Spelling, Grammar, and Facebook

Before you post, check what you’ve written.

It’s only a social media post. But it carries your name, and you want to build credibility as an author.

Before public speakers step on stage, they check they don’t have broccoli in their teeth or TP stuck to their shoe. It’s hard enough to deliver … Continue reading

Perilous Pairs

Will you — or your editor — know to pick the right word?

The sentence in a recently written Sherlock Holmes story stopped me cold.

“There were besides some more mundane elements: drafting tables laden with dusty blueprints, labels and vices and tools, chains for heavy lifting suspended from the ceiling.”

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Put ONLY in Its Place

A word’s placement makes a difference.

I have a beef with Safeway. They may know groceries, but they struggle with word order.

I cringe every time I hear this line in their radio ad: “Safeway only sells U.S.D.A. choice beef.”

What’s wrong with that? The placement of the word only.

In English, modifiers … Continue reading