Three Tasks for Scene Openings

Do your first lines make these essentials clear?

I thought I knew the way. But heading from the unfamiliar location, I took a wrong turn. What I saw didn’t align with what I’d assumed. My only recourse was to go back, check things more carefully, and start afresh.

I’ve experienced that not only … Continue reading

Yes, I’ll Edit Your Sample Chapters

Send an agent only your best work.

The author had finished his novel, but knew it wasn’t quite ready to send to an agent. He wanted the sample chapters in his proposal to make a great first impression—and he’d get one chance.

So he asked if I’d help. Would I edit just his … Continue reading

Stay in Your POV

Keep readers firmly inside your character’s head.

The novel’s opening chapter reminded me of the car commercial that promotes its lane-departure warning system. If the car drifts across the center line, it sounds a loud alert.

This prospective author could have used something similar for his novel’s point of view. Unknowingly, he kept … Continue reading