Fun with Punctuation

Check this infographic and smile.IMG_8031 adj

by Andy Scheer

I compare punctuation marks to the yellow and black signs along a twisting highway. They alert you that you’ll soon need to turn. If you ignore the sign, you may end up in the ditch.

Like the samples from a recent infographic, “Punctuation Matters.”

You’ll find ten sometimes-comical illustrations of why commas, colons, hyphens, apostrophes, quotation marks, semicolons, and Oxford commas matter.

For example:

Twenty five-dollar bills
Twenty-five dollar bills

I find inspiration in cooking my family and my dog.
I find inspiration in cooking, my family, and my dog.

I’m sorry I love you.
I’m sorry; I love you.

Check the infographic. Click, smile, and learn.

About Andy Scheer

With more than 30 years in publishing, Andy Scheer has provided freelance editorial services since 2010. He has edited fiction and nonfiction for publishers including Moody, WinePress, and BelieversPress, as well as for clients including Dirk Cussler, McNair Wilson, DiAnn Mills, Heather Day Gilbert, and Sammy Tippit.

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