Buying Friends in Bulk

by Andy ScheerAndy Scheer May 26 2015 CU 72 dpi - adj

A faux platform isn’t worth much.

“The best things in life are free,” says the old song.

“Money can’t buy me love,” the Beatles sang.

But according to a recent email, money can buy you friends. Sort of. They’re not real friends, they’re the kind on Facebook.

At least they don’t cost much. According to the promo, I can buy 500 Facebook fans for $49—less than a dime apiece. And if I want double that number, they cost me only $79, less than eight cents each.

Interested? Here’s their pitch:

With so many websites, blogs and social pages out there how can you get noticed? Our Facebook marketeers and affiliate networks can deliver Fans and Likes within a matter of days. Using customized ad campaigns, viral and social promotions, crowd sourcing and social networking we can target potential customers interested in your product, service or brand. With promotional plans starting at $49, kick start your digital marketing and get the exposure you need. Further details available on the web link below.

Give me a break. Do you really want the kind of loyalty only money can buy? When publishers ask for platforms, I don’t think they mean the kind built of paper-mache.

Then again, maybe you want to write for people who are easily manipulated. See if the company can give you a price break for even larger quantities. You’ll get your two cents worth.


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