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by Andy Scheer

I’ve been known to immerse myself in reading sophisticated literature – but not lately.

The past couple weeks my day job has been spilling over. My brain is tired.

But not quite as tired as when I left the office. As I started the engine to drive home, my ears were greeted by an audio version of a book in the Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin series of British Naval fiction from the age of sail.

My brain wouldn’t have been ready to unpack Patrick O’Brian’s printed prose, filled with archaic British syntax and naval jargon. But the narrator, with his authentic accent, delivered the words directly to my ears. Twenty minutes later, I was invigorated enough to tackle some writing of my own.

As I finish tonight’s last project, I’m again running out of steam.

So I will take another trip though a familiar mass paperback. This time a mystery by Edgar-winning author Aaron Elkins. I won’t read to discover the bad guy, just to enjoy the trip.

Tonight, I need a book for a tired reader.

If you’re writing something literary, I wish you well. Your readers will be people at the top of their game. Tonight, I need a book for a tired reader. If that’s what you’re writing, consider it a cup of refreshment for someone who’s gone dry. Thanks.

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