Back-Cover Makeovers

Attention Indie AuthorsIMG_7175 2to3

Don’t neglect this key tool to convert browsers to buyers.
You need your book’s catalogue copy, plus the back cover text, to:

  • attract attention
  • hook readers
  • convince them to look inside

These short paragraphs must convince people your book is one they need. But often indie authors, who’ve labored over their manuscript, treat this essential text as little more than an afterthought. Then their book doesn’t sell.

Don’t let that happen to you. Now’s the time to make sure potential customers will notice your book — and recognize it’s what they need.

Pick Your Service
● Polishing & Editing:
You’ve written your material, but know it needs a sharper focus. I’ll make your material shine. Typical cost: $75

Extreme Makeover: You have only an outline — or you’ve written way more than can fit. I’ll shape your rough material into a clear, polished message. Typical cost: $150

Ask Andy
Email your material, plus a description of your target readers to (Mark the subject line “promo copy.”)

I’ll let you know my projected turnaround time and the billing amount. (I accept payment by check or PayPal.)

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